Mère Henriette Wendbala Kalmogo

M. Marie-Henriette Wênd-Bala Kalmogo

Soeur Marie Fidegnon

Soeur Marie Fidegnon

CIB Conference Meeting, West Africa
3 – 16 September, 2011

The CIB Conference Meeting in West Africa included visits to a number of monasteries in Benin, and Togo with a brief visit to Ghana.


M. Marie-Henriette Wênd-Bala Kalmogo, OSB

Prioress, Monastère Des Bénédictines Notre Dame De Koubri, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
M. Marie-Henriette hosted the gathering of the CIB Administrative Council on 1 September 2011


S. Marie Fidegnon, OSB

Monastère de L’Assomption de Dzogbégan, Togo.
S. Marie Fidegnonis coordinated the CIB Conference visit to Togo, Benin and Ghana, 2 September – 16 September 2011


Conference Schedule

Download the schedule of the CIB Conference  (pdf)


Report given by Sister Paul Galland, OSB, Region 17  (pdf)


Excerpts from Fr. Louis Hondocodo’s Conference entitled “The African Woman”  (pdf)
Originally printed in ‘Conference Call’:
Conference of Benedictine Prioresses, November 2011


Travel Journal by Sr. Vania Maria Toscano


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Film of the CIB Conference in West Africa

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