About Us

In November 2001 after a consultation process with all the monasteries of Benedictine Women around the world, it was decided to use the name COMMUNIO INTERNATIONALIS BENEDICTINARUM (CIB) to designate all communities of Benedictine women recognised by the Abbot Primate as such and enlisted in the Catalogus Monasteriorum O.S.B. This was the culmination of a development since the Second Vatican Council as well as the beginning of a new era for Benedictine Women.

Comprehensive information about the CIB can be found in the Memorandum and the Handbook.

History of the CIB

Background: The Benedictine Confederation

Between 1886 and 1893 Pope Leo XIII took steps towards the setting up of the Benedictine Confederation, the structure for networking between the congregations of Benedictine men existing at that time, with the Abbot Primate as a unifying figure at the head of the community at S. Anselmo in Rome. The purpose of the Confederation was to create and consolidate international contact between the Benedictine monasteries of men with a view to furthering the common tradition of western monasticism and to prepare the monks through serious study for their service in the Church in the 20th century. There was no parallel foundation for Benedictine women. Gradually women's monasteries and congregations were admitted by association into the Benedictine Confederation, but without full membership. Their status in the Confederation gave them no opportunity to support each other through regular meetings and international contact.